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Rodolfo Andaur

#managing #curating #writing

Rodolfo Andaur is a visual arts curator and cultural manager. He studied journalism and holds an MA in Art History. He has worked as directing, promoting and diffusing transdisciplinary projects. Furthermore Rodolfo Andaur has taken part in curatorial teams that focus on critical analysis and reflection about anthropocene, climate change and eco-geopolitics in Latin America. Not only those proposals produce knowledge through the visual arts, but they have also contributed to the dissemination of renewed thoughts to research into unknown territories. With this background his work has been prized both by Tarapacá Regional Government for his contribution to cultural management (2011), and for his participation in the international project called “examples to follow, expedition in aesthetics and sustainability” (2017). Also he has involved in curatorial residencies in Brazil, Denmark, Germany, México, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, South Korea and United States. Rodolfo is currently a columnist in several online art magazines and visiting lecturer in a couple of universities and art institutions.